"300 Heads"

Current stage: In Post. February 2019
Writer/Director: Nathan Cole
Genre: Thriller
Length:90 minutes
Synopsis: When a wealthy man goes to meet his wife for a reconciliation dinner, he is shocked to discover he is the victim of a malicious computer terrorist, who had planted a bomb under his table. Before he can figure a way out, he is surprised by the estranged family that he walked out on 10 years earlier.


Current stage: Preproduction
Writer/Director: Nathan Cole
Genre: Thriller/Supernatural/Horror
Synopsis: When Daniel and his mother lose their home during the American recession, they are willed a home in a small Canadian city and soon learn they are not alone. A demonic presence in the home tries to strike a deal with Daniel, but it comes at a high cost.


Current stage: Packaging
Writer: Ronald G Rice
Genre: Crime/Thriller
Synopsis: A missing girl in a small town changes the course of history.


Current stage: Development
Writer: Ronald G Rice
Genre: Drama
Synopsis: Three men fight to control an oil empire.


Current stage: Development
Director: Alex Hatz
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Synopsis: A family visits their distant past in attempt to heal.


Current stage: Development
Writer/Director: Dennis Hingsberg
Genre: Horror/Thriller
Synopsis: Rupert Miles was just an ordinary janitor until he discovered his new found passion of terrorizing fellow tenants by crawling through old sewage pipes in his dilapidated apartment building.

A few of our short film lineups:

"You did this to me"

Current stage: Post-production. 2019
Written by: Ryan LaPlante & Alysa King
Director: Ryan LaPlante
Produced by Robert Kingston, Ryan LaPlante, Alysa King
Exceutive Producer: Dennis Hingsberg
Genre: Horror
Synopsis: One day an 8 month pregnant woman finds something about herself she no longer wants.

"Diamond in the Rough"

(click to watch trailer)
Current stage: Film Festival Circuit 2019
Written by: Greg Jackson & Thet Win
Director: Jackie English
Produced by Thet Win, Dennis Hingsberg & Plato Fountadakis
Genre: Action/Drama
Synopsis: Two criminals, some diamonds, one city.


Current stage: Completed. 2017-2018 Film Festival Circuit
Writer/Director: Sean Patrick Kelly
Produced by Dennis Hingsberg & Sean Patrick Kelly Genre: Horror
Synopsis: A man goes through great lengths to satifsy an itch.
Official Selections: Blood in the Snow 2017, Fright Night Theatre 2018


Current stage: Preproduction
Writer/Director: Jonathan Chiovitti
Produced by Dennis Hingsberg & Jonathan Chiovitti
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Synopsis: During a TV interview a man makes a unexpected confession.


Current stage: Development
Writer/Director: John Kivell
Produced by Dennis Hingsberg & John Kivell
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Synopsis: Looking through the classifieds, four candidates fight for a job.


Current stage: Preproduction
Writer/Director: Alex Hatz
Produced by Dennis Hingsberg & Alex Hatz
Genre: Dark Comedy
Synopsis: A retired assassin goes back to work... with his kids.


Current stage: Development
Writer: TBD
Director: Dennis Hingsberg
Produced by: Dennis Hingsberg
Genre: Thriller/Horror
Synopsis: A woman wakes up in a strange place and begins her journey.

"Uncommon Enemies"

Current stage: Sold, Released. 2017.
Writer: Alex Hatz
Director: Alex Hatz
Produced by: Alex Hatz, James Gangle, Dennis Hingsberg
Genre: Horror Synopsis:
Awards: Best Short Film, Best Writer, Best Special FX
Official Selections: Blood in the Snow, Canadian Film Festival, Little Nightmares, Indie Film Festival, Fright Night Theatre