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Script Coverage

Through our professional script coverage services we provide analysis and grading of screenplays into a written multi page report.

Unlike many other script coverage services where you rarely know who's reading your script, we match one of our professional coverage readers to the genre and theme of your script. This ensures biases are eliminated and the focus on the coverage is more appropriate – for example you might not benefit from professional coverage on your sci-fi horror script by somene who's professionally experienced with life dramas or coming of age films. Would you?

Why should you get script coverage?

Whether you are soliciting your script to directors, producers, actors or agents – your script is being judged by whomever reads it. You might only get one chance to pitch your script and for the people who matter reading it, they will judge it and can tell very quickly the quality of the script and decide if they will pass on it or not.

A screenplay is your resume and whether you know it of not you are working to build yourself as a brand. It's vital for the success in the film industry to make long lasting impressions because in reality the business is about building relationships and your script is the very first step in that process.

Fee: $199 (limited time introductory pricing)

*Subject to availability. Price subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

What aspects are included in the coverage?

What's included?

Coverage gives you feedback using a fresh set of eyes that is not biased towards the writer.

Included is a synopsis of the story as seen through the readers eyes, comments from the reader, ratings which include a Pass, Consider With Reservations, Consider, or Recommend. Other feedback are provided on: plot/storyline, characaters, dialouge, structure, theme, concept and originality.

How detailed are the comments for any issues found?

Coverage will include general weaknesses found in the script but will not include script consulting (ie. suggestions on how to address issues and fix them. For that we recommend your Script Doctor Consulting Service)

Script Doctor / Consulting Service

Our script consulting service is designed to work directly with the screenwriter on a personal level working as a coach to help improve both your script and your writing abilities.

Different from getting script coverage, script consulting is one on one based and the consultant will work directly with you through each stage of the screenplay writing process. We also offer a variety of consultants based on the genre of your screenplay to ensure there is a direct fit between your script and our consultant working with you on your script.

Before any consulting services are initiated the script is vetted first to ensure it meets a specific level of writing quality to ensure there is direct benefit to the consulting being performed.

Fee: $449 (limited time introductory pricing)

*Subject to availability. Price subject to change.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will the consultant do any of the writing?

No. Our script consultants will never do any actual writing for you. They will provide guidance and direction on the script and usually concentrate on only a few aspect of changes at a time. They may provide examples to illustrate points, but not write the script or any scenes for you.

What is the first step in the process?

After the script has gone through a vetting process to make sure we deem it as a good fit for our service, the first step is a rudimentary discussion about the story itself, your personal tastes, what type of writing you like, and really a conversation about you and your story.

Who makes the final decions on any changes?

You make all decisions on what changes are made to the screenplay. The consultant works with you to advise and guide you based on the fundamentals using his professional experience.

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